Marine & Transit Insurance

marine and cargo insurance

Goods protection during Marine and Transit Insurance

To protect your goods (cargo and stock) whilst making their way from A to B, insurance has to be flexible, and specialised as it is subjected to many different stages and risks, encompassing transportation by Sea, Air, Road, Rail, Post, or any combination of them.

Marine and Transit insurance is design to ensure the owner of the goods will be reimbursed if any physical loss or damage occurs as a result of a peril (fire, flood etc) during the transit. There are many risks which goods face as they move between countries despite improvements in packing, storage and methods of transportation. Loss or damage from accidents, breakages, theft, wet damage and hijack are common problems.


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There is a complexity with the provision of Marine and Transit Insurance that requires the knowledge of an insurance broker to navigate their way through. With each business/scenario requiring differing cover for their specific supply chains or knowledge of risks  is imperative.

Insurance is available for firms that import materials or stock from abroad, or that export goods overseas, whether you are a manufacturer, supplier, wholesaler, retailer or cargo agent.

We will:

  • We work with you to fully understand your business and the risks you face
  • We then work with our partner insurers to design an insurance policy that covers you and your business
  • We will present to you the options available and recommend the best policy for you (including the cover, policy limits and exclusions, and price)
Based on the universally adopted Institute Cargo Clauses, Marine and Transit insurance can include:

  • Damage to goods
  • Loss of goods
  • Theft
  • Pilferage
  • Conversion
  • Shortage or non-delivery
  • Stock through-put
  • Goods in Transit Insurance
  • Shipping Freight on Board
  • Cost, Insurance and Freight (CIF)
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