Rohit Malhotra – Property Owners Manager

rohit malhotra 1Rohit has worked within the insurance and financial services sector since 1974.

Prior to merging with Insurance Solutions, Rohit was a partner in Risk Insurance Consultants where he dealt with all aspects of insurance planning and provision.

Rohit’s experience encompasses many areas within IS Group. He is currently responsible for advising on Financial planning relating to protection and health plans, heading the Residential Let Property Owners division, Credit control and deals with all aspects of Legal issues within IS Group.

Rohit’s key strengths include his in-depth technical knowledge of the general and financial services sector, his communication skills and his organisation and strategic planning skills.

Rohit is married to Nisha and has 2 children. Outside of his busy working day Rohit has an avid interest in reading novels, socialising to meet and make new friends and he enjoys watching movies and listening to music.

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